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Friday, September 15, 2017

Housing corporations can help reduce accommodation problems — Experts

Experts in the built environment have said that if encouraged to grow, housing corporations could help to reduce the country’s homeownership problems.
They said that the housing corporations should be considered as critical part of the solutions especially for intervention in a formal rental housing tenure.

The Managing Director, Family Homes Fund, Mr Femi Adewole, stated that it had become crucial to give more attention to developing housing solutions targeted at up to 90 million Nigerians living on less than $1 per day as the population, equivalent to the whole of West Africa, was too large to ignore.

Adewole, who spoke at a national workshop of the Association of Housing Corporations of Nigeria,  said it had become necessary for stakeholders to recognise that the cost of investing in housing that would be affordable to all sections of the population was much lower than the cost of not investing or half -hearted approaches.
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